If you own my hijabs, you’ve touched the luxurious chiffon material that make up SAIMASCORNER hijabs.  The hijabs currently come in 10 different colours; each 185 cm by 72 cm. The fabric feels smooth in texture and has a little bit of elasticity. One layer of the material allows for a sheer look, but two layers make the material opaque.

What made me decide on this material you ask? It’s quite a long story, but one I don’t mind sharing. I searched high and low until I found a material that felt good, looked good, and allowed for countless luxurious colours. I did not want to settle with anything less than what I believed to be perfect. The fact that this material allowed me to create numerous hijab styles had me sold. I wanted a material that could be extremely versatile when it came to hijab styles; thus the reason why I chose this material and size.

Just when I lost all hope and thought I might have to “settle” for something, I came across this gorgeous chiffon material. Instantly, I knew it was the one. It came in just the right colours, allowed for numerous hijab styles, it has a long material life, its super soft, breathable, and the list goes on. The fact that it is lightweight and has elasticity is something I love especially during the summer. After going through many materials, I realized chiffon material allowed flexibility when styling. This played a huge part in why I chose this material. After 2 years in the blogging industry I recognized that everyone has their own fashion and style. I wanted to accommodate for as many people as possible. This is why when I first received the item, I sat down in front of my mirror and began testing different styles. In one sitting, I was able to come up with 25 styles! That’s when I realized I must make this material available for everyone.

When it comes to my hijabs, you can dress them up or dress them down. Wear it to a wedding or for a casual night out. It’s elegant, looks sophisticated yet it’s very stylish. For the next couple weeks I’ve made it my task to show case the different ways you can wear my hijabs through Instagram and YouTube. I hope you try these styles out for yourselves. Below are a variety of outfits I wore with different hijab styles using SAIMASCORNER. The creativity with these hijabs are endless.